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New Download from Sue Richards


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 So who has performed several times for the Embassy of Ireland in Washington, DC, and who had has twice played for President Bill Clinton, played for Queen Elizabeth II and President and Mrs. Bush?  That's Sue Richards.  Who has appeared on Prairie Home Companion?  Who is a prime part of Ensemble Galilei, playing and recording Celtic, Early, and Original music? Sue again.  Sue is teaching at Southeastern Harp Weekend this fall.

Sue has contributed her arrangement of a Swedish tune called Jarna Valsen. It is available to members in the LARGE LEVER HARP category.

Sue Richards Interview 2014

Sue, what are three gems of wisdom for beginners?

Enjoy the freedom of being a beginner! There will be expectations soon enough. Just say, "Sorry, I can't do that yet, I am a beginner." In the appropriate setting, ask all the questions that you can possibly think of. The only setting NOT appropriate is when you sneak into an advanced workshop. Try out other people's harps (ask first!). Don't be afraid to decide for yourself which harp you like and feels comfortable. Check string spacing and tension most of all, and don't be swayed by carved angels on the pillar.

 For intermediate players?

Get rid of your music. Or learn to read if you don't already. You will benefit by both abilities!   Listen critically to harp CD's. Play with other people: harpers, fiddlers, flute players, singers, it is all good fun. You will learn to count, to watch and respond, and to blow off mistakes.

For advanced players?

If you are going to record, first have something to say musically. Don't just record because someone came up to you after a concert and asked for a CD. Try teaching. It is good for you. Put together an interesting program that you can pull out of a hat in an instant and not obsess about.

What do you do to make learning easier?

For my students, I break things down into tiny bits. I learned that from some Suzuki training, and it works. Sometimes you only need to focus on one bar, one note, one chord, or getting from one phrase to another.  

How can we retain things we have memorized?

Sing it. Hum it. Analyze it. Once a week, spend an hour or so going over old tunes. Or get a regular job as background music!

How do you get the feel of rhythm so that it propels the music?

Rhythm is all about dances usually, so go watch or join in dancing. When you are home alone, listen to a recording of the tune and move to it. On the harp, practice playing the downbeats heavier and off-beats lighter.

What are 3 tips on getting the best tone from your harp?

1) LISTEN to yourself!  Seriously, pluck the string with intention if it is slow.  And do your arm raises.

2) If it is fast, pay absolute attention to technique.

3) Don't be afraid to play firmly and be heard, especially if you are a beginner.  Experiment with loud and soft.

What are some fortunate things that happened in life for your own musical growth?

So many things!  Pedal harp lessons for technique (thanks, Dad!)  Second, I got over my shyness.  Third, I started playing in traditional Irish sessions!


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All About Harp Strings

Nylon was invented in 1930 by DuPont, and the development of nylon filament strings for stringed instruments followed in the 1940s.  Today harps are made with gut, nylon, and metal strings (steel wound with copper, phosphor bronze, brass, silver, and gold). Several alternatives to gut strings have also been developed, such as Nylgut or synthetic gut, also known as fluorocarbon.

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Sunita on Harp Therapy

sunita harp therapy 160During 2004 and 2005 I participated in a study on the impact of live music on newborns at Meir Hospital in the town of Kfar Saba where I live in central Israel. Together with a colleague, singer and percussionist Eliana Gilad, 100 hours were spent playing in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.


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